Our company was founded in 1993 by Mehmet RASIM in Ankara. 

In the same year, our company, known throughout Turkey in the truck-mounted crane sector, started to offer European origin products to its customers with the principle of high customer satisfaction. Since 2006, it has united with FASSI, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and continues its activities as the general distributor in Turkey.

RASIM MAKINA, which started to manufacture tailor-made cranes in 2010, has made many deliveries not only in domestic markets but also in export sales. It has expanded its exports to many countries where Turkish contractors operate and to overseas municipalities.

RASIM MAKINA, which is a leader in the market, with the SCORP brand manufactures cargo cranes, specially designed cranes for different industries especially waste management focused and continues to produce various crane attachments for different industries, such as scrap collection, forestry, construction and recycling .RASIM MAKINA continues to export special purpose trucks such as garbage trucks, water tankers, fuel tankers, vacuum and trenching machines with its superstructure experience based on many years.

With many years of superstructure experience, it exports a large number of special purpose trucks such as garbage trucks, water tankers, fuel tankers, vacuum and trenching machines.

In the changing waste management methods for environmental cleaning, the use of larger capacity in aboveground and underground containers and the use of crane garbage trucks for collection have become widespread.

Rasim Makina offers different solutions for differentiated garbage and recycling container types with its FASSI and SCORP cranes and attachments.

Our company continues its activities with the aim of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with sales and after-sales service guarantee, low maintenance costs, based on its long years of experience.

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