• To encourage the continuous improvement of our company's organizational structure and procedures and to recognize the importance of appropriate management of environmental issues related to all its activities.
• To give priority to occupational health and safety in all our activities.
• To keep the values of quality awareness, efficiency and effectiveness at the top.
• To comply with the legal regulations meticulously with the ethical working principle.
• Adhering to the principles of business ethics.
• Developing trust-based, solution-oriented and long-term relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers.
• To add value to people, environment and labor with a high sense of responsibility.
• To be solution-oriented at every stage of our business life and to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are driven by a true passion for hydraulic crane and equipment technology. We are also driven by our determined goals to catch up with technology and continually move it forward. We reach the whole world in order to be located in Turkey and to be close to our customers whose products we develop. We listen carefully to their needs and draw on nearly 30 years of experience and solid technological expertise to deliver innovative products.
Let's strengthen your power with our unwavering power!


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