• • Supporting functions such as marketing, accounting and finance, production, quality, logistics, after-sales services within the scope of our company's acceptance of social and environmental responsibilities, and the tendency to grow by increasing our experience and profit are among our priority quality policy.
    • It is our natural responsibility to take care of the protection and safety of the environment in order to guarantee the access of new generations to energy and natural resources.
    • It is essential to guarantee the development of the company in line with the qualitative and quantitative targets compatible with the brand and product quality of the designed projects.
    • It aims to reinforce our company's orientation towards the national and international market and customer satisfaction.
    • In the light of continuous improvement, it strives to provide all the necessary resources such as human, infrastructure and financial for the implementation and maintenance of Integrated Quality Management Systems.
    • It is our natural responsibility to ensure that hydraulic cranes and equipment, which meet all the demands of customers in terms of performance, reliability, safety and reduced environmental impact, and all after-sales services comply with regulations and legal requirements.
    • It is part of our culture to create and maintain a suitable corporate environment where human resources can best showcase their talents and encourage a sense of belonging and team spirit.
    • The guarantee of appropriate training for the employees of various company bodies, and the continuous updating of our technical and managerial capabilities in order to reveal useful and necessary skills in meeting the needs of interested parties, which are considered to be of great importance, directly coincide with our understanding of quality.

Top management, to inform all relevant parties of the current quality policy; In addition to achieving its objectives, it is committed to educating, raising awareness and giving responsibility to its employees in order to ensure that they are managed appropriately in order to get the best results in terms of quality, environment, health, safety and social responsibility.

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