In the changing waste management methods for environmental cleaning, the use of larger capacity on-ground and underground containers and the use of garbage compactors with crane for the collection has become widespread.

Rasim Makina offers different solutions for differentiated waste collection container types with RASIM-FASSI and RGC cranes and attachments.

Rasim Makina is the producer of RGC (Top-roof cranes installed on compactor roof). RGCcranes are designed for maximum efficiency and produced by high technology according to CE standards and represent high capacities cranes with very low dead weights.

RGC and FASSI cranes are both suitable for different container locking systems, respectively.

We focus on maximizing our customer's satisfaction continuously.

Rasim Makina designed a specific crane for garbage applications as below;

  • Installation on the top of the compactor body.
  • Compact and light solution supply higher body capacity.
  • Attachments for all container systems
  • Electronic Moment Control System
  • Digital Multifunctional Distributor Bank
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Stability Control System
  • Rotation Arc Limiter
  • EN:12999:A2
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