To maintain customer satisfaction and help improve our relations with them, we at Rasim Makina find it very important that our customers are receiving the care that they need after the sale has been finalized. This after-sale service begins upon the sale has been completed and our first pillar is to deliver your order to you. Upon receiving your goods, if there haven’t been any missing parts, the technical education begins. The technical education helps explain to your employees the maximum limit and the periodic maintenance that needs to be done for the product you have purchased. Notice that using original parts in periodic maintenance and in case of any malfunction will help in elongating the machine’s life, reduced the number of malfunctions in the long run and will minimize your work loss.

Our main goal is to keep our efficiency principles at the highest levels, upon signing the after-sales maintenance contracts with our customers, we begin by providing them with the necessary periodic maintenances that their machinery requires while providing you with our malfunctions service of cranes that are being conducted by our highly trained personnel.

The technical support that will be provided by our experienced service personnel in our After-Sales Services, especially in the case of any malfunctions/breakdown in your machinery, will be handled in a fast manner with the correct determination of the error, ensuring you that we are providing you with the most economical solutions, and in general aiming to deliver an easy and a satisfying service.


According to our customer’s needs and their orders, we begin by checking which of the cranes can be placed on the appropriate chassis using the FIP Fassi installation program. Following technical measures and details, we will be manufacturing a reinforced chassis then following up with the installing of the crane on the newly made chassis. Then the crane’s hydraulic and mechanical assembly comes next, the assembly of electronic equipment is after and finally, by setting the pressure parameters settings we are completing our machine/equipment’s load and stability test.

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