Our Mission

With a total of nearly 30 years of experience in the crane production industry, our mission is to fully understand the needs of our customers and to bring together the products produced in international markets to a quality standards within the framework of solution partnership and in line with these needs. We also aim to maximize customer satisfaction with our quality service understanding and many of our after-sales services. RASİM MAKİNA-VİNÇ, is taking firm steps towards institutionalization with its many years of knowledge in the sector, has began to provide a service beyond our customers’ expectations with its advanced technology machinery and equipment.

Our Vision

With the aim of sustaining the perfect and flawless in our company in the on-platform hydraulic crane sectors that we serve; Our job is to develop a dynamic and corporate identity structure with the value it attaches to nature and our future, as well as to our employees and customers, to be a leading company in its sector with a solution-oriented and maximum customer satisfaction, and ultimately to take an active role in the overall growth of our country’s production.

Our main goal is to take its place in the world market by increasing and expanding our product portfolio to a wider range, with the enthusiasm of bringing the technology of the future to present Turkey and the cooperation we have established with the FASSI GROUP; Is to become a giant brand of its sector in the international class and to have a major market share in Turkey helping us reach the place we deserve in the world.

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