Our new challenge is the soletelescopic crawler cranewith operator’s cab available on the market and encompassing all the mostadvanced technological innovations:

  • Radio remote control
  • Extensible tracks
  • Diesel engine or electric motor
  • 3-ton lifting capacity in Pick&Carry mode
  • Hydraulic jib reaching a 27.5-m maximum height and over 50 configurations available.

Amultipurpose cranethat the most differing yards all over the world will appreciate.

Crawler cranesare used for heavy lifting work or for large assemblies in building construction

Thetelescopic crawler cranewith enclosed operator’s cab. Independent extending tracks increase stability and new-generation EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 engine keep emissions low. Ideal for working in confined spaces, especially due to its zero-tail swing that allows for excellent performance even in pick&carry mode. Two video camera monitors installed in the cab ensure a perfect field of vision on the work area; controls are customizable. Load charts can be displayed in static or pick&carry mode, with or without counterweight.
The newSPK60 mini crane is a 2.0 version of the previous one,which has two identities for every operating requirement: from precision manoeuvres in tight and enclosed spaces, to pick&carry operations on rough terrain and in the rain.



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